Real price of wix website

What is the real price of a Wix website?


Wix is one of the most famous solutions in the world to create a website but paradoxically, it is never used by web professionals for their clients. Indeed, if the solution proposed by the Israeli editor is not without interest, the lack of sympathy of the professionals towards Wix can question when one is about to create his first website.

So why this difference, at a time when more and more companies are created each year in France, and therefore need a website.

1. The cost of time and effort in creating a Wix website.

The first thing to know is that Wix is not a professional website creation service, contrary to what an agency or a freelancer can offer. Wix is a software that is made available to users so that they can create their website themselves.

Create a website by yourself with Wix

When you want to use Wix to create a website, you have to think about everything without being guided by a professional, so it necessarily takes more time.

You have to think about your targets, the tree structure of the site, the organisation of the information, etc… Discover also our opinion on the idea of a free website and on the cost of a professional website. 

Calling on a professional to create a Wix website

There are professionals who accept to work with Wix websites, however, they will not commit to the future performance of your website, especially in terms of visibility on search engines.

    2. Expensive prices for having to make your website by your own.

    Wix really free?

    Yes, there is a really free version of Wix website, BUT, it is very limited and will not allow us to benefit from a professional website.
    For that, you will have to switch to a paid package, first to choose your domain and then to remove the ads, but that’s fair enough. Wix has invested a lot in creating this technology and even though its performance is limited, nothing is free. If it’s free, then you are the product.

    Why pay Wix?

    It is in your best interest to take out a paid package on Wix, because the free offer is really too limited to be interesting. At the same time, a few euros per month to have a personalized domain name and to remove ads is really the minimum to invest in order to have a chance to look serious.

    It’s only a few euros per month, but at that price, it’s no miracle.

    3. In conclusion about the real price of a wix website

    You have now understood that the real price of a Wix website is not the few euros that you will be charged each month, but the investment of time for a necessarily average result.

    Moreover, if the performance is not there, it is not only because of the solution used, Wix in this case, but also because of the lack of professional skills to create your website.