How and why create a website as a musician?


Contrary to popular belief, having your own website is a great way to communicate your message in an authentic way. As a band or musician, your website is the hub of all your information. It’s where you keep track of your successes, your latest news and most of all, showcase your music.

So whether you’re just starting out as a musician and don’t have a big budget or you’re a seasoned musician and just haven’t had the time to create one – it’s time to take the plunge and create a website for your music today!


1. Why should every musician have a website?

You may be wondering if musicians still need a website in the age of social networking. The simple answer is yes!

It makes a much better impression than just providing a link to Facebook or Instagram. A website shows that you’re serious about your music project and especially helps your chances of getting booked for gigs.

It is more important than ever to have a professional website as a musician because it allows you to have control over several aspects that are decisive for the development of your career.

The experience is yours

With your own website, you have total control over the design and image you want to convey. Unlike social networks, there are no design limitations, no sudden changes, and no distractions that can harm the visitor (ads, notifications, or other annoyances that can be found on Facebook or Instagram). The visitor is there because they want to be. It’s up to you to direct their attention and make their visit worthwhile.

The domain name of the site belongs to you

Your fans and the music industry will always be able to find you at your official website address. It’s a small part of the internet that belongs to you.

You own the data

 The best way to contact your fans is your mailing list. The website of your music project allows you to collect data and maintain direct communication with your fans. There is no “export fan list” option on social networks because the platforms own this database.

Through your website, you also get detailed analytics data about your website visitors. This can help you understand and know more about your audience. 


2. What to put on the website of your musical project?

At the beginning, you may be a bit lost with the structure of your site. What information is needed? What pages to add? Let me review the most relevant pages found on musician websites.

The home page

Every website has a homepage – band and musician websites too. How you want to organize it is a bit personal. Some have information about their upcoming concerts, others have videos of their past performances, etc. It’s up to you and most importantly, be creative!

About / Bio

Every fan will want to know a little more about you. So a dedicated section explaining how you started and where you are going is a big plus..

Gallery and videos

Some musicians and bands like to share images and videos of their past performances so that visitors can see what they can expect from their concerts. On the other hand, this section isn’t strictly necessary, as Instagram is the most common and easily accessible visual medium for your fans.

Tours and events

This section is crucial. This is where your upcoming concert dates will be posted so that your fans know where to see you. In addition to the location, time and date, it is also important to include information on how to purchase tickets.

Your music

Your website’s objective is to promote your music. It is therefore essential to put forward listening links to your latest clips and to the different streaming platforms.

A contact page

This page is useful both for your fans who want to subscribe to your newsletter or various professionals who want to contact you for events, promotional partnerships or the press. Of course, there are no fixed rules about which pages you should include. The ones listed above are the most popular pages for musicians and bands. But maybe you’d like to share your thoughts on a blog or have a section just for your press releases. It’s up to you to customize your website as you see fit!

3. How to create my musician website ?

Here is a list of websites dedicated to the design of websites for musicians:

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Bandzoogle
  • HostBaby
  • WordPress

Should I create my website by myself?

Website creation platforms are often complicated and time-consuming to use. You will have to train yourself on these platforms and take the time of the creation without which you risk being disappointed of the result. Each website offers pre-configured themes to get you started. It’s up to you to take the time to customize them to your image. However, if you want to add very specific details, you need to know the basics of HTML/CSS. You can also ask a web designer friend for help.

Delegate the creation of your website!

Affordable solutions exist to save you time in creating your website. One of my favourite solutions is Ozyss.co which offers you to create your website for less than £200 and takes care of everything with their dedicated manager and great customer support. You will find below all the offers they provide with a free appointment to discuss your project